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Orissa Tribal Tours

Tribes Of Chhattisgarh Tour

Tribes of Chhattisgarh Tour

Duration : 14 Nights / 15 Days

Destination Covered : Korba

Tour Themes : Heritage

Price : On Request

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  • Tribes of Chhattisgarh Tour
  • Tribes of Chhattisgarh Tour

Korba Tour Overview

The Gonds tribes, who are also recognized as the Koytorias are widely dispersed throughout the state. However they mainly predominates the dense forests enclosed in southern Chhattisgarh's Bastar district. The three principal sub castes of the aboriginal Gonds are the Dorla, Maria and Muria races.

Amongst the various tribals residing in Chhattisgarh, the Abhuj Maria races of aborigines deserve special mention. They live in isolation and inhabit the secluded enclaves of Bastar District. The areas inhabited by the Abhuj Maria tribals are a dense forest that sprawls across nearly 1500 miles of lush greenery. The Abhuj Maria tribals at times are hostile to strangers. They still follow their age-old practices of livelihood.

This tribal community of Chhattisgarh derived their name from their unique custom of wearing a distinctive hear-gear, which resembles the horns of a wild bison. They generally wear that head-gear during ceremonies. The main distinct language spoken by this tribe of Chhattisgarh is Dandami Maria. Some of them speak Gondi dialects, which is an oral language of Dravidian Origin.

The Baiga tribe are among the most colourful tribal communities not only Chhattisgarh but also in India. The special tattoo mark on the forehead and body of the female give the different identity among other. Endogamy and consanguineous marriage are features that are commonly prevalent in the society of the Baigas. Agriculture, hunting, fishing, extracting forest products etc. are the prime occupations of Baiga tribe.

These tribes are located in Bastar region. The cloth wearing style of Dhurvaa lady, their hair style, tattoo mark , on their foot they wear metal anklet also specify them to other.

The populace of Chhattisgarh is mainly dominated by tribal of which the Muria rave of aborigines holds a special place. The Murias are one of the innumerable tribes that inhabit Chhattisgarh. They are prominent sub caste of the Gonds. The Muria tribesmen primarily reside in the dense forest zones of Narayanpur and Kondagaon of Bastar district. Unmarried young girl's dormitory - Gotul is prominent in this Muria tribal village.

The Korva tribals are found in Bilaspur, Sarguja and Raigarh district and are divided into two main territorial groups- Pahari Korva (hill) and Plains Korva (dihariya). They usually carry bow and arrow and practice agriculture and collect forest produce as well. Both men and women of Korva tribes are fond of ornaments and they wear it a lot.

Bhatra tribes are located in Bastar and border of orissa state, their settlement ( wall of houses and boundary made by clay) is unique then others. They are ranked first in terms of social hierarchy. They worship Mahua trees.
Note: also each day of the Bastar region there is a weekly market for different tribal communities. Where is nice to explore the lifestyle of that particular tribe. So, just mail your arrival and departure detail rest you leave on us.
We are the only travel agent who organize the tent tour ( camping) in Dandami Maria , Baiga & Muria village for special interest guest and also organize the tribal dance programme at Dandami Maria village, Baiga Dance at their village and Gutul dance in Muria village during tribal tours. Hiking of different isolated village & weekly market.

Korba Tour Itinerary

Day 1:

( sat)-Raipur- Champaner- Raipur (2hr drive+visit)

Upon arrival Raipur airport/ railway station meet our representative and transfer to hotel then drive towards Champaner return back to hotel and relax.

Overnight- Raipur

Day 2:

(sun)-Raipur-Bharamdeo (4hr drive+visit)

Morning departure for Bharamdeo, (in aboad of lush green forest famous shiva temple of 11century AD, of Naga dynasty king, the erotic temple art of love and prosperity, popularly known as the Khajuraho of Chhatishgarh). afternoon visit the famous temple and then excursion the cherki Mahal , mandua mahal also. Check in the nice resort at there.

Overnight- Bharamdeo

Day 3:

(mon)-Bharamdeo- Baiga Tribal Village-Bharamdeo (2.30drive+ visit)

Morning meet the colorful Baiga Tribe at their village return back to Bharamdeo Jungle eco retreat.

Overnight- Bharamdeo

Day 4:

(tue)-Bharamdeo-Bilaspur-Tala- Malhar-Bilaspur(5hr drive+visit)

Early departure for Bilaspur( the second largest city of chhatishgarh), Enroute visit an unique ancient Rudra shiva temple at TALA , also visit the ancient city Malhar. Warm welcome by the local.

Overnight- Bilaspur

Day 5:

(wed)-Bilaspur- Ramnami tribe- Bilaspur (4hr drive+ visit)

Meet the Ramnamai tribes at their isolated villages , (they are mostly nomadic, so early departure for it).

Overnight- Bilaspur

Day 6:

(thur)-Bilaspur- Siripur (4hr drive+ visit)

visit the group of ancient ruin buddist site at Siripur (famously known as dakhin koshal)
meet the local Dhuruba tribes while hiking their village.
PM- hiking the Mahanadi river banks and excursion the gorgeous beauty of nature and feel the ancient culture of dakhin koshal.


Day 7:

(fri)- Sirpur- Gotitola- Udkuda-Kanker (4.30hr drive+ visit)

Excursion the pre-historic rock shelter and rock art painting (10,000- 15,000 year old) at Gotitola and Udkuda core jungle area. With the help of local Visit the bidi patta village, afternoon return back to Kanker palace.

Overnight- Kanker

Day 8:

(sat)- Kanker-Muria Tribe Village- (Gotul dance) Jagdalpur (4hr drive+ visit)

After breakfast departure for Muria tribal village enroute visit the dokra metal casting village at Kondagaon.
While hiking the Muria village excursion their lifestyle , Overnight stay in the basic tent near the Gotul House ( female dormitory) at the Muria village and evening
enjoy the Gotul Dance
Overnight- Jagdalpur

Day 9:

(sun)- Dandami Maria village/ Bison Horn Dance-Tirathgarh waterfall- Jagdalpur (3hr drive+ visit)

Morning meet the most colorful Dandami Maria Tribe at their village, enjoy their Bison Horn Dance in their centre of village ambiance.
Pm- Visit Tirathgarh waterfall and their famous weekly market also.

Overnight- Jagdalpur

Day 10:

(mon)- Raj Maria village/ Market- Kurendi/ Jagdalpur (3hr drive+ visit)

Morning while hiking the village excursion the life style of colorful Raj Maria tribe
Proceed towards Maria Village excursion their unique weaving method and then afternoon famous weekly market excursion the life style at their.
Pm- Enjoy their cock fighting at the end of weekly maket
Overnight- Jagdalpur

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Tribal Fair & Festival of Chhattisgarh 2018
Rajim Kumbha Mela (Naga Sadhu fair) 31st Jan.- 14th Feb.
Gonnchha Festival 14th July- 22nd July
Bastar Dussehra Festival 15th Oct.-20th Oct.

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