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Orissa Tribal Tours

Western Heritage To Eastern India Tribal Treasure Tour

Western Heritage to Eastern India Tribal Treasure Tour

Duration : 14 Nights / 15 Days

Destination Covered : Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Jeypore, Ellora cave

Tour Themes : Heritage

Price : On Request

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  • Western Heritage to Eastern India Tribal Treasure Tour

Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Aurangabad Tour Overview

Tour itinerary cover’s the gate way of India- Mumbai / chaupati – the world famous heritage site Ajanta/ Ellora cave, The Nawabi city- Hyderabad, different wonderful tribal treasure of Odisha such as Dongaria, Bonda, Gadhava, Paraja, mali, Dhuruba tribes with chilika lake, textile village, Buddhist heritage, temple tour of Bhubaneswar and world famous sun temple at Konark and many more.

Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Aurangabad Tour Itinerary

Day 1:


Upon arrival at airport meet our representative and transfer hotel. Afternoon visit the gate way of India and then chowpathi area.

Overnight- Mumbai.

Day 2:

(Sun)-Mumbai- Aurangabad- Ajanta cave-Aurangabad (3hr drive +visit)

Take the morning flight for Aurangabad and upon arrival check in the hotel and then after refresh visit the Ajanta cave,( gupta period’s of art during 3rd to 4th c AD. Art and sculpture in side of the cave. ) which is world heritage site. (Ajanta cave has been officially closed on Monday)

Overnight- Aurangabad

Day 3:

(Mon)-Aurangabad-Ellora cave- night train for Hyderabad (2hr drive+ visit and night train)

Visit the world heritage site at Ellora cave and excursion the beauty of that cave with our expert . Then board the night train for Hyderabad from Aurangabad railway station.
( Ellora cave has been officially closed on Tuesday ).

Overnight- air con sleeping berth train to Hyderabad
(Railway authority provide clean mattress, pillow with pillow cover, bedsheet, blanket, hand towel and each coach has two police men to guard the passenger- its very safety and it save time and money both)

Day 4:

(Tue)-Hyderabad-city sight seeing

Morning arrival in Hyderabad then transfer to hotel. After refresh excursion the Golkunda fort and afternoon enjoy” the city of Nawab”- Hyderabad such as Hussen Sagar, charminar and chudibazar, pearl bazar etc.

Overnight- Hyderabad

Day 5:


Board the morning flight for Visakhapatnam. Upon arrival Visakhapatnam drives towards Jeypore (5hr drive) enroute visit Simanchal temple (11th c AD). Check in the hotel at Jeypore.
Jeypore: One of the ancient town of southern Orissa and hub of tribal zone.

Overnight- Jeypore

Day 6:

(Thu)- Bonda tribal market-Gadhava tribe village-Jeypore (4hr drive+visit)

“Bonda “one of the most colourful tribe of India, meet them at their weekly market-onkadelly. Visit the Gadhava tribe village and also the gorgeous waterfall nearby. Return back to Jeypore, evening heritage walk on the grand road of Jeypore.

Overnight- Jeypore

Day 7:

(Fri)- Gupteswar- Dhuruba tribal village- Jeypore (3hr drive +visit)

Meet the colorful Dhuruba and Bhumiya tribes at their isolated village of Gupteswar region. Excursion their culture while hiking their village. If permit enjoy their Dhemsa group dance (subject to available of Drum men).
If interest enjoy the mouth watering lunch prepare by our driver and local guide with tribal community at Dhuruba village.
Visit the Saveri ghat and Gupteswar shiva temple on the top of hill (200 steps- optional).

Overnight- Jeypore

Day 8:

(Sat) – Mali Tribal village- Bora Paraja tribal Kuvi Tribe village- Rayagada (3hr drive+visit)

Morning proceed to Rayagada , enroute visit the Mali tribal village, traditionally warm greetings by the community.
Meet Bora paraja tribe at their isolated village and meet Kuvi Kondh at their very core area.

Overnight- Rayagada.

Day 9:

(Sun)-Dongria tribal village- Dokra craft village- Desia village – Rayagada ( 4hr drive+visit)

Visit the unique Dokra village ( tribal jewellary making village),at the deep forest area in Rayagada dist. And their weekly market also. Then meet the one of the most colorful tribal community- Dunguria at the village and excursion their lifestyle. Afternoon drive towards to Desia village in deep forest and high hill zone, ( our car / taxi will arrive that village , because it has all weather motor able road . the people are very friendly, enjoy the tribal song by the young tribal ladies.)

Overnight- Rayagada.

Day 10:

(Mon)- Lanjia Saura tribal village/ Market – Rayagada (3hr drive+visit)

Meet the Lanjia Saura at their isolated village of Gunupur region and excursion their lifestyle. Also visit the weekly market at Puttasingh .

Overnight- Rayagada.

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Bonda tribe:

in the wild and remote mountainous country located towards the south-western tip of the Malkanigiri highlands lives a unique tribal community called- “Bonda”. The tribesmen identify themselves as “Remo” (man). Bonda speak a language of their own that belongs to the Austro- Asiatic (South Mundari) language group. Bonda men are brave and bold. They derive their identity from their arms, such as bow, arrows, long knife which they always carry and sago palm-wine which is their most favorite drink. The Bonda women with their clean-shaven head decorated with head bands of Palmyra strips and plaited fillets of caryota fibber. Mass of colorured beads and shell strings, brass neck rings and necklaces hanging down even below the navel and the brass bangles covering the whole of the lower arms are the typical ornamentation of the Bonda Women. A short and narrow strip of striped loin-cloth woven at home by a double-bar tensioned loom covering only the private parts comprises the woman’s wear.

Dongria Kondh:

In the remote mountainous wilderness of the Eastern Ghats region of South Orissa lives a fascinating Kuvi-speaking tribe called, the Dongria Kandha. They inhabit the lofty Niyamgiri hill ranges in the district of Rayagada. They stand apart fromothers for their famous Meria festival, expertise in horticulture and colourful dress, adornments and life style. For being the denizens of hills, forests and highlands (dongar), their neighbours name them Dongria. Dongria men and women are quite fashionable in their personal adornments, that makes them attractive and distinguish them from others. Dongria men put on a long and narrow piece of loin cloth and women use two pieces of cloth, each 3-4 ft. In length. Both men and women grow long hair. A wooden comb (kokuya) is fixed at the hair knot of men and women which adorns the hair-lock and keeps the hair tight. A tiny knife (pipli) with colourful thread balls at its metal handle, adorns the hair lock of women. Men and women put on aluminum neck rings, beads & coin necklaces (kekodika), finger rings. In addition to that women wear bangles, anklets, toe rings. Both men and women wear earrings and nose-rings.

Kutia Kondh

In the Kondha dialect the term “Kuti” means hole. There is legendry tradition among the Kutia explaining that they had been originated form a hole on the earth. According to the legend their supreme God, Sapangada, the Creator, appeared in a place near Guma Village well as some other Gods and Goddesses to look after the worldly beings. The human beings who came out from the holes later became tribals ( Kandhas), Harijans ( Panos) and Oriyas according to their deeds, habits and occupations. Since they had originated from the holes or Kuti they are called “ Kutias” . Now the Holy place of appearance of Spangada is covered under forest. A hereditary Kutia priest called Buduka worships the God annually in a big communal festival named Sapangada Jatra held during January- February.

Some people say that Kutias are fond of tattooing their bodies. Tattooing in Oriya Language is called Chitta Kutta and hence, comes the term “ Kutia” , the people with tattoo marks or Chitta kuta.

Desia Kondh

one of the most colorful tribal community live in the high hill core jungle of Rayagada Dist of Southern orissa ( 1200 mt of sea level , but all weather metal road is there) . they are distinguish with their physical appearance , special costume, ornament and house style. They are very friendly and like to live with nature.


The saoras are one of the most ancient tribes of India. Have a racial affinity with the Proto- Australoid stock, their dialect called Sora, comes under the Austro-Asiatic family of Munda group of languages. Lanjia Saora constitutes one of the primitive sections of the Saora tribe. They are so called by their neighbours strip of male loin cloth is worn in such a fashion that both the red embroidered ends hang down in front and back like a tail (Lanja). Their women greatly enlarge their enlarge their ear lobes to wear rounded wooden pegs and have a characteristic tattoo mark down the middle of the forehead. Install the village deities represented by wooden posts at the entrance of the village. Have male and female shamans to serve their magico-religious needs. Famous for their attractive wall paintings,” IDITIAL”. Observe Guar, the secondary burial ritual to commemorate the dead by sacrificing buffaloes and by erecting menhirs.

Tribal Fair and Festival in orissa



Mandei at Nabarangpur

1st to 3rd Nov.

1st to 3rd Nov.

Dhanuyatra festival at Bargarh

23rd Dec. – 2nd Jan 2018

Joranda Mahim Sadhu Fair (Mela) at Joranda

30th & 31st Jan

Chariot festival at Bissamcuttack & Puri

16th -24th July

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